Matt Salmon is a Director of Photography with over 6 years in the industry. He studied Film Production Technology at the University of Staffordshire, United Kingdom and worked on numerous notable film projects (including The Edge) whilst studying.

Since passing his degree Matt has worked closely with Aelfa Academy of Dramatic Arts where he teaches Film Production.

In collaboration with the Academy he has created the Shakespeare’s Shorts series of short films focusing on particular monologues and bringing them into the modern day.

Alongside his work with Aelfa, Matt has continued to work within the film industry, working freelance on numerous projects based in the south of England.

Matt offers a wide range of Services, he can help boost your business online by creating professional looking promotional videos for you to post on social media, documentary adverts which can really help your customers see what type of business you are and what you offer them.

He also offers industry standard music videos that will really make your bands stand out to the crowd.

The equipment used is also industry ready so if you ever wanted your video on TV, Matt is the person you can go to which is one of the many reasons why he stands out.

He also is available for Wedding Cinematography, an increasingly popular choice for modern couples to want to create lasting memories.

Plus many more fantastic 5 star services including wedding photography and actors Headshots.

Check out all he has to offer on his website, give him a call or email and really stand out by using Matt Salmon Videography & Photography services.